Marching to the Arch on the Trail of Death

1. Introduction

2. A Spatial Story > John Deere & Prairie Restoration

3. Background

4. Measurement & Meaning

A) The Grid

B) The Survey

C) Land to Property

D) Property Disputes

E) Direction & Symbol

F) Direction & Capital

5. Roads & Trails

A) In General

B) Trailblazers

C) Native Legacy

D) Champaign County > Settling Down & Moving About

E) Coming of the Railroad

6. The Trail of Death Corridor / Microcosm of a Conflicted Landscape

A) The Racialized Landscape

B) Norfolk Southern Railroad

C) Stories of Denial

D) The Trail of Death

E) Tribe of Ishmael

F) Leisure & Labor > Interurban, Walking Club & Homer Park

G) Underground Railroad

H) Contradictions in Quincy

7. March to the Arch

A) Season to Remember > Basketball & Destiny

B) Divine Intervention

C) The Arch

D) Destinies Collide

8. Manifest Destiny

A) Justification

B) Complicity & Contradiction > Henry David Thoreau

C) Contesting Inevitability

9. The Illinois

A) What We Know / What We Believe

B) Dialogue?

C) Culture Wars

D) Empire / Persistence of the Frontier

10. Conclusion

11. Bibliography