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Critical Spatial Practice presents:


Environmental Justice and the Politics of Public Space:
A presentation on the intersections of art, geography, and activism

Tuesday, April 24, 7pm
Art and Design Building / Room #229
408 E. Peabody Drive
Champaign, IL 61820

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Reading List:

Short Bibliography (below) / Full Bibliography (external link)

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A selection of projects, exhibitions, and essays related to critical spatial practice. See the Critical Spatial Practice blog for additional projects.

Trevor Paglen
LA Urban Rangers
Mike Pearson
Long March
Misc. Projects from Pages Magazine
Border Art Workshop
Las Madres de Plaza de Mayo / Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo
Stephen Willats

Misc. Project Links (


"Geography and the Politics of Mobility"

Misc. Exhibition Links (


"The Politics of Verticality"
Eyal Weizman

"Border Postcards: Chronicles from the Edge" (pdf)
Teddy Cruz

"Flowmaps, The Imaginaries of Global Integration"
Brian Holmes

"Drifting Through the Grid: Psychogeography and Imperial Infrastructure"
Brian Holmes

"Cartography of Excess"
Brian Holmes

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Tim Cresswell

"The Power of the City: The City of Power" (1992)
Cristel Hollevoet, Karen Jones, Timothy Nye
The Whitney Museum of American Art, NY

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Primary Organizers:

Nicholas Brown / PhD Student / Department of Landscape Architecture / nicholas.senn at
Ryan Griffis / Assistant Professor / School of Art & Design / rgriffis at
Sharon Irish / Research Scholar / School of Architecture / slirish at
Kevin Hamilton / Assistant Professor / School of Art & Design / kham at
Sarah Kanouse / Assistant Professor / College of Mass Communication and Media Arts / kanouse at