"The so-called grid system, oriented to the four points of the compass and extending from Ohio to the Pacific, could also be organized into townships and counties and even states, all beautifully rectangular. It was an ingenious, if unimaginative, way of creating a landscape, but it was not easy to get used to, and in the beginning settlers from the East or from Europe complained of its monotony and its disregard of the topography; in fact, the grid made no adjustment to rivers or hills or marshlands. Still, by now, more than two centuries later, there are millions of Americans so thoroughly at home in the grid that they cannot conceive of any other way of organizing space. I have been in homes in Kansas where they refer to the southwest (or northwest) burner on their stove. They tell you that the bathroom is upstairs, straight ahead south."

"It is this grid, not the eagle or the stars and stripes, which is our true national emblem. I think it must be imprinted at the moment of conception on every American child, to remain throughout his or her life a way of calculating not only space but movement."

J.B. Jackson, A Sense of Place, A Sense of Time

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* Once per day for the duration of this show I will conduct a walking tour of one square mile of the Champaign County asphalt grid.

* Please consult the accompanying map for specific locations, and the yellow sign-up sheet for dates and times. To sign up for a time, write your name and email address in the appropriate box.

* Please indicate (with a star next to your name) if you are allergic to, scared of, or just plain don't like dogs - if so, i'll leave Asa at home.

* I will meet you here (The Link Gallery) at the designated time. I drive a white Toyota Camry, walk a brown dog, and am really tall - you can't miss me....

* The walk, a total of four miles, will take between 1-2 hours depending on how fast or slow you want to move - no running allowed. This estimate does not including transit to and from the location.

* If you're concerned about accepting a ride/walk from a stranger, bring a friend or two.... I can accommodate two passengers and one dog or three passengers and no dog in my car.

* If the weather is bad, dress accordingly....

* Driving and walking are an inherently dangerous activities. I can not be held liable for anything bad (or good) that occurs during the tour.

* There will be a potluck gathering for all tour participants outside the south farms Graduate Painting Studio on Friday, April 11th at 6pm. Among other things, this will provide you an opportunity to swap tales from the grid....

* You will be asked to generate four questions (an average of one per mile) during the course of our walk - these questions need not pertain to the grid or the experience of walking, though they may.... I will pose your four questions to the person(s) on the following day's tour and we will in turn generate four new questions, and so on.... I may ask to record portions of our conversation.

* I am using the word tour in its loosest sense. I may or may not have previously been to a particular square mile of the grid - therefore I may or may not be able to answer your questions. This is a tour without a tourguide....

* This is not a joke....